Out of Office

It’s time to brush off the cyber cobwebs and chase away the virtual dust bunnies. This blog has been dormant for some months but, finally, the time has come to reignite the embers and let the fire roar once again.

Out of Office

Where have I been and what have I been doing? That’s a good question. Frankly, I’ve mostly been in bed doing very little. I’ve been going through a horrendous period of sickness, which is ongoing and showing little sign of relenting. Just when I thought that my illness couldn’t get worse, it took me by surprise and it did. I’ve been far too sick to do anything for months. Most weeks I’m unable to leave the house, even getting out of bed has become a mammoth challenge. When I have been able to leave the house, or see friends, I’ve grasped the opportunity and made the most of every second that I’ve been gifted. My sanity has depended on my ability to appreciate these times and remember them in those long hours of pain, exhaustion and boredom.

Usually during these periods when I’m too sick to write, Paul, my husband, would keep the blog going. This hasn’t been possible for these past few months. He’s in his final year of university and his workload is heavy. Between university and looking after me, he hasn’t had the time to keep this particular ball rolling.

In truth, the blog has never been too far away from my mind. I’ve written hundred of posts in my head but unfortunately that’s where they’ve stayed. It’s frustrating to have so many ideas and be unable to use them. I am comforted, however, that my creativity has kept flowing and that my desire to write has never extinguished.

I’ve been encouraged by the fact that this blog is still being regularly visited despite the lack of new content. I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to those who have been in touch, through this website, over the last few months. A lot of people have asked some important questions, looked for advice or offered kind words of encouragement. It’s pained me to not be able to reply, especially because some have been really heartfelt, but please know that I appreciate all of your contributions. When I start to get better I will do my best to reply to your comments and messages.

I wish I could promise you that this post will mark the return of regular content but realistically, I can’t. I might write again in a few days or it might be in a few months. This is the unavoidable, and unpredictable, nature of my illness. What I can promise, however, is that I will be regularly using Instagram (@chronickatie) and Twitter (@Chronic_Katie). This is a manageable way for me to keep in touch with my readers so please follow me on these platforms.

In the meantime, I am still fighting to take back ground against my illness. I have not, and will not, give up my ambitions or give up on my calling, which is to reach people through my writing. It doesn’t matter how hard my journey is. As long as I have faith in God’s plan and keep inching forward, I will never be beaten. I will continue to be relentless in the face of adversity.

Be Relentless


5 thoughts on “Out of Office

  1. Hun, it is great to hear from you again, and I hope your health will start improving again. Have you considered using a Dictaphone for your ideas so they don’t get lost?

    You are often in my thoughts, and I continue keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. I am so sorry that you’ve been so ill, I’ve been worried about you. If there is ever anything I can do to help…
    I hope things start to pick up for you soon, I’ve been really missing your posts (that sounds really selfish when you’ve been feeling so ill but I hope you pick up for you, not just for your blog).


  3. Katie – so moved by your blog. Will be in touch properly soon, once we know what’s next for Peter. Hoping xray will show he can have op to reverse stoma in next few weeks. Otherwise news is good – had the all clear of cancer so no chemo praise God. Meanwhile you sre both in our prayers. Much love. Anna xx

  4. Katie I am new to your blog and reading through past posts. Your positivity in the face of this cruel and debilitating illness is inspirational. Stay strong lovely.
    Faye | freckles-and-all.com

  5. Hi Katie, while googling for books on chronic illness I ran across your blog and enjoyed reading your most recent post. I had to say hi because I too am someone who feels called to write and struggles with chronic illness…AND my husband is also named Paul! Small world. :)) Just wanted to let you know I’m praying for you today…and that I identify with your struggle of being in bed for days, weeks, or months. On one level it just truly sucks, yet I also know that God wastes NOTHING in our lives…even our chronic pain and isolation. Love your sweet spirit already!! Blessings from your new cyber friend…yours truly. Here are my blog and website url’s…as you can see, they haven’t been updated in a while either! 😀

    Website: http://www.kimaldrich.com Blog: http://www.TheGrowingEdgeBlog.com

    (Posts from a couple years ago were more about my chronic illness…then I got sick of writing about it so wrote more about what was on my heart to write…then chronic illness got better…then lately it’s been alternately lousy and great. Go figure…but God is good!)

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